I have an Australian kangaroo. It was abandoned and about to die. I never thought that I will get a kangaroo but it was so sad and poor looking that I had to take it. I have to take it every day to very long walk and spend lots of time with it.

It lives in my big garage and I have to come to see it twice a night. I had to re-decorate my garage for it. There is a large sandbox for it and a big dog bed; it also has a swing to play with. I made the swing from a tractor wheel and rope and it hangs from the roof.

The kangaroo needs company or it gets bored and starts to make funny noises. I asked help from the zoo because I had no idea how to take care of kangaroo baby. They gave me good instructions and with them I fed it every day, I played with it and comforted it when it cried for its mom. Now it has grown really big and soon I have to give it to zoo. There it can live with other kangaroos and be a normal kangaroo. I´m glad it survived but I am sure that I’m going to miss it.

by: joumatamou 6b



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